• When Should You Rekey Your House Locks?

  • The most popular reason to rekey your house locks is because there is a change of owners in a home. When a home is pre-owned, there are many people who could possibly have possession of the keys to your dwelling. You don’t want to risk the security of your home, family, and possessions by using the same locks and keys used by the former homeowner.

    Other Reasons to Rekey Your House Locks

    You want to have full control of all the keys that operate your home locks. Even in new homes, contractors once had access to your home and may have keys to the locks they installed. If keys to your home are lost or a lock is no longer operating properly, rekeying your home should be considered.

    Contractor’s Key

    In most single-builder developments, master keys are often used by the contractor. If master pins are left in the lock after the home is sold, there is the possibility that many keys may exist which could unlock the homeowner’s door lock. We always recommend new homeowner’s have their home locks rekeyed to remove the master pins and eliminate the chance of your home locks being opened by keys other than your own.

    Conditions of the Lock

    Rekeying your house locks gives a locksmith the opportunity to assess the condition of the lock and the security of the installation. Many times locks can be simply repaired rather than being replaced. When locks are rekeyed, they are also lubricated, which helps the lock operate to its full capability. Other times, there can be problems that indicate that lock replacement is the best solution.

    There are some manufacturers that offer locks which can be rekeyed by the consumer. These are usually not the standard pin and tumbler locks. If you decide to rekey your house locks without the disassembly, you increase the chance of a malfunction. Such a lock is easier to defeat than a standard lock.

    Replacing Locks

    In some circumstances, locks must be replaced. Just like all things, locks suffer wear and tear. Sometimes locks wear so much that rekeying your lock will no longer improve their function. It is never a bad option to upgrade your current locks. If you have anything that you value, whether it be your family or property, they are worth protecting. It always makes sense to purchase quality locking hardware.

    Consulting with your Locksmith

    Reaching out to your professional locksmith is often the best option to determine what you need. If you choose to rekey or replace your locks, your local locksmith will have access to better quality hardware than what you may find at your average hardware store. Often, rekeying is the more affordable option.


    Cedar Park Lock and Key

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