• Residential Door LocksLocks were made because people need a way to protect their valuables. Locks have come a long way since the first locks ever made, and they are plenty difficult to get into if you don’t have the corresponding key.

    Which Residential Door Locks are you using?

    All locks have their uses and purposes. You must find the lock that is best for you and the security you need. There are many options to consider when choosing a residential door lock.


    Deadbolts are locks that cannot be opened unless a key rotates the lock cylinder to the position that opens it. These locks are generally used for homes and different residential doors as an extra security layer to a lesser lock.

    • Single Cylinder Deadbolts

    A good percentage of American homes use single cylinder deadbolts. They operate by using a key on the outside and a simple turn of the hand on the inside. In some cases for extra security, a guard on the inside will stop the turn from rotating. This means the lock cannot be picked or unlocked with the key if this guard is set.

    • Double Cylinder Deadbolts

    These locks are more secure than single cylinder deadbolts. Double cylinder deadbolts require a key on the outside and the inside with a safety in case of an emergency. Most housing codes don’t allow this form of residential door lock, especially for rental residents.

    • Lockable Thumb turn Deadbolts

    This lock is made for ultimate security. These locks are capable of being locked from the inside and the outside. They are a combination of single and double cylinder locks. When people are in their homes, the inner thumb turn can be left in the unlocked position, and the door will function as a standard single deadbolt. If the thumb turn is locked, it cannot be operated from the inside or outside.

    Handles with Locks

    Handles with locks are usually more convenient for most homes. They typically have a handle incorporated with a lock mechanism. These are usually not the best form of security, but they work.

    • Knob Locks

    Knob locks are mostly used on the exterior doors of houses combined with a deadbolt lock. Knob locks are simple spring locks and are not the most secure, because the cylinder is located in the knob and not in the door.

    These locks can be easily knocked off with enough force. That makes picking these locks almost irrelevant. If you are looking for maximum security, these locks should never be used alone. These are best used as inner residential door locks.

    Residential Locksmith Services

    Cedar Park Lock and Key has professionally licensed locksmiths that are ready to help you with all your home lock needs. We can install, replace, or repair any of your locks at home. We can also install deadbolt locks, cut keys on the spot, and much more.

    We can also help you if you are locked out of your home, or any other issue you may have, such as keys broken off inside a lock. Our locksmiths bring you professional licensed services at competitive rates. Call us at (512) 258-1803 or complete the contact form online for a free quote.

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