• Ignition Switch Problems?

    November 15, 2017

    Ignition switch problems? Call a licensed professional locksmith first. Do you have to jiggle the key in the ignition to get it to turn? Are you unable to even insert the key into your car’s ignition or the key is refusing to turn in the ignition? You probably have a faulty lock cylinder. Avoid a costly trip the dealership or mechanic and call Cedar Park Lock and Key. People often think that [...]

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    Welcome to Cedar Park Lock and Key. We are the original licensed Cedar Park locksmith serving Cedar Park and the surrounding areas since 1994.  We are family owned and operated with a store located at 600 S Bell Blvd #10, Cedar Park, TX 78613. We are professionally licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, #B12604, with a long track record of serving the Cedar Park community. Why [...]

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