• Locksmith Scams

  • Locksmith Scams

    The story is all too familiar in many states: an out-of-state company hires a number of unscrupulous individuals in the area to sub-contract its work using assumed business names, fake addresses and phone numbers. Many times consumers have been over-sold, under serviced, or just plain lied to! Chances are, if you have used a locksmith service in the past, you have been a victim of a locksmith scam. Be very careful of who you hire for your Cedar Park locksmith services. Most of the locksmith companies that are listed in your google search for Cedar Park locksmith are not Cedar Park companies.  They have a website with a bogus address that is either incomplete or even worse another business's address all together. Beware of these locksmith scams.

    The Illinois Attorney General filed criminal charges against a New York locksmith operation for setting up phony storefronts with unlicensed individuals practicing locksmithing that lead consumers to believe they were dealing with local companies. The action was successful, and the company was ordered to pay thousands in restitution, to cease operations and to no longer do business in the state under a new name or any of the 25 different names the company had been using in local telephone directories!

    The Texas Department of Public Safety requires all persons performing locksmith services in the state of Texas to be licensed. As part of the licensing process, fingerprint and criminal history checks are performed.

    Please, ask to see their pocket card.  All locksmiths are required to carry this card which contains the name of the locksmith, a color photograph of the locksmith, and the cards expiration date.

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    For your safety and convenience it is always best to have the phone number of a local Cedar Park locksmith on your phone. An experienced professional who is licensed and insured in the state of Texas, with a local Cedar Park store that you can talk face to face with your locksmith about your lock and key problems. We hope that Cedar Park locksmith will be Cedar Park Lock and Key.  Give us a call at (512) 258-1803 or stop by our Cedar Park store at 600 S. Bell Blvd #10.  We would love the opportunity to serve your Cedar Park locksmith needs.


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