• Key Cutting: Why You Should Only Trust a Local Licensed Locksmith Professional

    March 12, 2018 | Blog | Brian@cplockandkey
  • Key CuttingThere are many reasons you should find yourself a reliable, local locksmith when dealing with your protection, especially the locks or key cutting for your home.

    You can easily become the target of an illegitimate locksmith. They are most likely to target you when you have an emergency situation and need help right away.

    You may assume that online directories would be a good way to find a locksmith local to your area. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. There are locksmith scams that create listings in those directories to appear like they are legitimate locksmiths in your area.

    In many cases, these scammers do not operate local shops and are run by out-of-the-area call centers. They might not even be trained locksmiths at all.

    A True Local Locksmith

    It is always best to perform significant research when seeking a locksmith. Always check for online reviews and ask plenty of detailed questions.

    When looking for a trustworthy, local locksmith, be wary the person answering the calls use general terminology like “locksmith company” rather than the legal name of the company, like “Cedar Park Lock and Key.”

    Even having a local address isn’t enough to guarantee that the company is local to the area. Search for the address on a digital map service and check to see if they are listed as the business on the map. Local mailing addresses don’t necessarily mean there is a physical business associated with it.

    I.D. and Licensing

    Before allowing someone to work on your locks ask for identification and a copy of their professional license. There are fifteen states that require a locksmith to have a license. That makes working without the proper credentials a crime in those states. Those states are Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey, Nebraska, Maryland, Louisiana, Illinois, Connecticut, California, and Alabama.

    You should expect a professional locksmith to ask you to verify your identification. They will be cautious, not wanting to work on a lock without proper authorization from the rightful owner. Another clue to watch for is the vehicle the locksmith drives. Is it a company vehicle with the name of the locksmith company you contacted? If not, be hesitant in opening your home to them. You can’t be too cautious when it comes to the security of your home.

    Do Not Allow the Locksmith to Drill Your Lock

    If you become locked out of your home, beware of locksmiths that insist on replacing or drilling your lock. Most of the time, drilling is only required to open high security locks. Experienced locksmiths usually have the tools and skills to unlock almost every door without drilling the lock.

    Cost Estimate for Key Cutting

    Call centers that facilitate locksmith scams usually bait customers with low prices for a house call, as low as $15 or $45. After arriving, they typically find ways to make the job appear more complex and therefore more expensive.

    The average reputable locksmith charges at least $60. Their fees include tools, the cost of licensing, training, and transportation to and from the job. A legitimate locksmith would have a hard time staying in business earning only $15 per house call.

    For local, family-owned, professional locksmith service you can trust in and around Cedar Park, Texas, call Cedar Park Lock and Key at (512) 258-1803 or complete the contact form online for a free quote.

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