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  • Safety Warning

    The Texas Department of Public Safety requires that all individuals and companies performing locksmith services in the state of Texas  be licensed by the Department. As part of the licensing process, fingerprint and criminal history checks are performed on all individuals receiving a license.

    However, Many individuals and companies are still performing services without the required license-and the required criminal history check. Giving an unlicensed locksmith access to your home or business could place you at risk of criminal acts against you or your property.

    The Texas Department of Public Safety recommends that before you allow a locksmith access to your home, business or other property, you ensure that he or she is licensed.  Licensed locksmiths will be able to provide you a Department – issued license number.

    Cedar Park Lock and Key is professionally licensed (LIC# B12604) and bonded in the state of Texas.

    We are the original Cedar Park locksmith serving the Cedar Park community since 1994.

    We are family owned and operated and do all the work.

    Don’t gamble on your security.

    Call Cedar Park Lock and Key at (512) 258-1803

    License # B12604

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